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Frequently asked questions and a map located below

Glenaire is a Class Four town.  The city government is comprised of a mayor, four aldermen and a marshal; all of which are elected by the residents of Glenaire and all volunteer their time to their positions.  The only paid employees are the city clerk and the Clay County sheriff’s deputies who patrol within Glenaire city limits.  There is a planning and zoning commission consisting of five people appointed by the Board of Aldermen.

 The city meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 P.M. at the City Hall/Clubhouse at 309 Smiley Road.  All residents are encouraged to attend. 

 Glenaire was originally known as the Belleview stop on the timetables of the Interurban Trolley  that connected Kansas City to Excelsior Springs and St. Joseph (the longest electric trolley in Missouri at the time.)  It then later became known as Interurban Heights, named after the Interurban Trolley Line.   As early as 1912, ads referred to this area as “Liberty’s Playground” because of Urban Lake, a 14 acre semi-natural lake which was situated along the northern side of Lake Avenue.  The lake had cabins, tents and boats for rent, fishing, an ice house, a café and an “airdome.”  The town’s evening vices took place at Island House, named for its location on a small island on the lake’s south end.  The story is told that the only way the Clay County Sheriff could reach Island House was by boat which gave ne’er-do-wells ample time to hide the evidence by the time the sheriff arrived. 

 Regional Boy Scout troops used the area as their summer camp for many years.  It was known as Camp Driftwood.  In 1933, the trolleys stopped running and the community became known as Glenaire.  In July, 1945, the earthen dam broke during a torrid rain storm and Urban Lake was destroyed.  In 1950, Kansas City began annexing land north of the Missouri River and Liberty was expanding southward.  Area residents wanted to be part of neither city so they petitioned Clay County with 101 signatures to become an incorporated village.  On September 13, 1950, the Village of Glenaire was created. In 1994 it became the City of Glenaire in order to facilitate the installation of public sewer lines in the eastern half of the City.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Who do I call to get water service at my residence?

Water for Glenaire is provided by Public Water Supply District #2. They can be contacted at 816-781-1454. Public Water Supply District #2 also collects for the sewer charges on each residence (based on water consumption), and these funds are used to pay for the waste water services provided by the City of Liberty.


What video and telephone services are available in Glenaire?

Spectrum and AT&T U-verse


Do I pay Liberty sales tax on the purchase of a vehicle?

No! Glenaire residents pay a lower tax than that of Liberty residents. When you present your car purchase information to the Licensing Office, be sure to tell them you are a Glenaire resident.  Your sales tax should be 5.125% for Glenaire.


Can I burn brush or construction materials in my yard?

State law prohibits burning within the Kansas City metropolitan area, which includes Glenaire. You are allowed to have a recreational fire, such as in a fire pit or other defined area, so long as it is solely for the purpose of recreation, ceremonial occasions or noncommercial preparation of food.  Fires shall include only vegetative woody materials or untreated wood product.


Am I allowed to conduct a business in my residence?

Glenaire residents are allowed to have a home-based business as long as the business conducted falls within the rules and regulations of Ordinance #359. All home-based businesses must be registered with the City. Forms for registration can be obtained from the City Clerk.


Does the City provide trash pick-up services?

No. However we have contracted a single trash/recycle service provider. Republic Services provides Glenaire's waste management/recycle services.  Each resident is responsible for establishing a contract with Republic Services.   Glenaire has negotiated a set price for these services and all residents pay the same amount.  Republic offers other services a la carte.  

What schools do the Glenaire children attend?

They attend Liberty Schools: Alexander Doniphan Elementary (K thru 5), South Valley Middle School (6th & 7th), South Valley Middle School 5th thru 9th and Liberty High School (10th thru 12th).  


Does Glenaire have a police department and fire department?

No.  Call 911 for any emergency.  The city’s law enforcement is provided by the Clay County Sheriff’s Department.  The City of Glenaire hires sheriff’s deputies to patrol in Glenaire on a regular basis. The City’s Marshal responds to City ordinance violation complaints, coordinates the City’s Neighborhood Watch Program, and acts as a liaison between the City and the Clay County Sheriff’s Department.  Fire protection is provided by the Pleasant Valley Fire Department.  Both Pleasant Valley and Liberty provide ambulance service.  In criminal matters or any emergency situation, always call 911.


How do I get information on City Taxes?

City taxes for Glenaire are collected by the Clay County Tax Assessors office. You can get information on taxes  by calling at 816-427-3200 or you may Email at: collector@claycountymo.gov. 

Where is the voting poll for Glenaire residents?

All city, county, state and federal elections are held at the Glenaire City Hall/Clubhouse located at 309 Smiley Road.  The polls are open from 6:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.  Parking is available in the City Hall/Clubhouse parking lot and on Rex Road which is located on the west side of the City Hall/Clubhouse.  It is best to enter by the back door rather than the front door.