Glenaire City Officials
Pat Slusher                                                            816-781-5348

Nancy Maloney                                                                                 816-781-6772
(Financial Oversight)   
Terrance Seal      
                                           Cell 816-803-6283
(Street Maintenance and Ditch Maintenance, Glenaire Website)


Frankie Petty
                                        Cell 816-510-0948
(Building Permits)


Cook Glover


Jane Shull
        email:                                                 816-868-5024
(City Ordinance Enforcement)

Emergency Management. Director

Jerold Ramos    

Tax  Collector

Lydia McEvoy    
(Clay County Tax Collector)
City Clerk

Ann Tucker
                                                                816-792-4907 or 769-5053
(Clubhouse Rental & Reservations)           

City Treasurer
Cheryl McCann                                                            816-792-4082

City Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday
of every month at 7:00 p.m.
at the City Hall/Clubhouse located at
309 Smiley Road, Glenaire, Missouri

Call (816) 792-4907 for more information.

You can view or download a copy of recent Meeting Minutes in the Glenaire newsletter, posted on our resource page, or you may call the City Clerk to view the original copy at City Hall after the minutes have been approved by the Board of Aldermen.

*TBP=To Be Published.  Items will be posted for download when they become available. Click month above for a PDF version.

City of Glenaire
PO Box 766
Glenaire, Missouri  64069